Why Do I Write?

'I write for life; and I am not satisfied with my life. The life, spread out before my eyes, somewhere, somehow denies me contentment. Life has separated me from sleep, and I dislike the wakefulness. Wakefulness hinders maturation; this wakefulness can make me a midget. So, I seek to escape, a special like the one inside my mother’s womb. And I strive to feel the life tactile, to see the life primordial, to mix myself within life’s each single atom.

And I write for them whose feelings are like mine; “No, I get nothing out of this world. I need a world of my own for my delight.”

The state of my mind, which sets me to write, may happen to my reader as well. He is searching for me. I write for the seeker.'

-Amiyabhushan Majumdar

-Translated by Apurbajyoti Majumdar